Androgyny Is In?

February 25, 2008 § Leave a comment

I’ve noticed the resurgance of the “masculine femininity” on the runway for Fall. Bruno Pieters showed lots of draped masculine looks , complete with skinny ties and pleated pants. My favorite newcomer, Ellen Page, was just seen at the ISAs wearing a look almost directly tied to Pieters collection. Can’t say I love it, but Ellen seems to be able to carry off the laid back style. We will see if it actually makes a comeback, ala Annie Hall (also another one of my favorite movies)

My Favorite Things Right Now

February 25, 2008 § 1 Comment

So I’m making a list of things that I love RIGHT now. My taste changes almost as often as the tides, so I feel like it’s good to document what I like so I remember. HAHA.
1. IKAT print. This print makes me glad that I took textile courses. Not only do I love the bold patterning, I love that it has history. Just last year I designed an ikat shift dress in my patterning class. It’s just a fun look that I am so glad to see on the runway!

2. Acai juice. YUMMMM. And better for you than pomegranate juice. A tad expensive at Whole Foods, but if shop there you should expect to spend some cash. Pick up a vegan gingersnap to top off the day.

3. Javier Bardem. Yes, No Country For Old Men was a terribly boring movie for me to sit through, and even though he was hideous in the flick, just look at that face. And to top it off, he’s got a sexy accent. He can roll his R’s. Need I say more?

4. Too Faced Mood Swing lip gloss. So cool. My friend Jillian told me about it, so I tried it for myself today. Much like “O-Glow” (my bff’s fave) it changes your lips to the perfect shade of pink after it is applied. Very pretty without looking overdone.

5. Pierre Hardy for Gap. I know Gap has pretty much failed in the mainstream with their European collection. For people who actually know the designers who participate, it’s fabulous. As we all know, Pierre is a visionary when it comes to shoes. For him to do Gap is huge. I will be in line to pick up the rumored espadrilles.

6. Nautical Theme on the runway. Why? Because! If you know me, you know that my signuture is stripes. And I’m damn proud. I have been wearing them for years and they are finally on the runway. Why? Because they saw me wearing them, obviously!
Ok, I’m signing off for the night.
Some honorable mentions : One shoulder dresses, Aerie dryer sachets, Dior color Brick bronzer.
PS Javier just won the Oscar. Hotness.

Hair Nightmare

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Only 2 weeks ago I was sitting in my stylists chair explaining how I wanted my already short hair to look. Turns out she isn’t that great of a listener. I left with an un-even, un-angled style. So I got it redone. It’s fabulous ! It’s the “Posh” cut, and I know it’s sort of borderline typical and trendy but it is actually very flattering. And I love it.

The Oscars/ Rants

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Ok so the Oscars pre-show is on right now and I am watching it as I write. Why why why would they ask Kimora Lee Simmons to talk about fashion? I mean, come on.. So maybe she is a “designer” ,but we are forgetting some MAJOR details here.

1. Kimora Lee Simmons is basically Paris Hilton with an Asian tude. She marries a rich dude and somehow feels she is entitled to show his house on “Cribs” ( best show ever).
2. Kimora Lee Simmons insisted that we follow her around in her little reality show, which basically painted the nastiest picture of what she is like, and does she care? No.
3. Kimora Lee Simmons pimps her daughters out. Funny, she just said that Miley Cyrus is “too young” for fame, yet she has her daughters on her TV show making executive decisions about her clothing line. THEY ARE 3 & 5.
4. Kimora Lee Simmons is in no way shape or form black, yet refers to black women on the red carpet as “my girls”. And might I also say that she only likes what the black girls are wearing.

“Kimora, what do you think of the red carpet tonight”
Her answer? “I think there are a lot of hits and a lot of misses”

Wow, thanks for that insight Kimora. I don’t know what we would do without you….Actually I do. We would be able to talk about baby fat without feeling like we are talking about a ghetto clothing line.

Anyhow, I’m pretty sure only 2 people read this blog. It’s almost as viewed as public access television.

So I have a better post coming up, I just felt like I needed to get a little KLS rant off my chest.


February 11, 2008 § Leave a comment

The maxi dress is back, thank God. I do love mini dresses, but the maxi is much more reminiscent of the warm weather, the beach, and everything that i adore. I am dreaming of the Tibi Riviera dress for my trip to Italy. I love the bold patterning and line. The vertical stripe would be sooo gorgeous !

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