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This is officially my first post from my adorable new white MacBook. I should have gone green and gotten the aluminum one, but I think the white one is way cuter and it is just as green friendly!

I am a PC user so I have signed up for a class at my local store because figuring this out is just not as easy as it seems!

oh Nicolas…

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Just came across this article and found it amusing! All I’m saying is..Nicolas better watch his back because his Carla may be running off with Andrew or Ben any day…

As reported last week, Nicolas Sarkozy’s political party UMP unlawfully used MGMT’s “Kids” at a rally — this, of course, is ironic because UMP (the French equivalent of the Republican party) is awfully strict about piracy and copyright infringement. MGMT chose to sue due to ideological differences, and it appears the party (unlike John McCain after a similar flap with Jackson Browne last fall) is making a speedy attempt to rectify the situation. A Babelfish translation of the French press release reveals:

“UMP is very attached to the respect of the royalties. And the protection of works of the artists is something of paramount”, underlined Mr. Bertrand. “Compensations had to be envisaged. This is completely normal. The music used in the meetings was it within the framework of the SACEM and thus by paying rights to the SACEM. We are looking at so that there is a right compensation for the group”, has it says. “We respect the right of the authors above all, for this reason we wish to manage an agreement”.

But Before I Do….

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I really wanted to highlight some of the gorgeous resort pieces that I WISH I was wearing right now. My sister is on her way to Mexico tomorrow which leaves me desperately cold. I need a warm shower and flannel pajamas just to keep above 32 degrees right now.

Although I know it is not ideal to wear dresses or skirts every day when it is warm out, the variety of shapes and styles is so appealing to me. They go from casual to super dressy. And the romper is just so casual and breezy. I enjoyed collections that I don’t normally go for, like Max Azria. I loved the soft lines that he used in this collection. They are very true to what resort should be.

Ahh to be able to go on a vacation right now. I think I’de choose St. Bart’s or Miami, a natural pick!

OMG Shoes.

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I am really liking this lilac trend. I noticed the new collection of OPI nailpolish had a beautiful lilac that reminded me of a color I wore as a child that I just HAD TO HAVE. My mother wouldn’t buy it for me so when I went to visit my grandparents I had my nana buy it for me. I believe it was Wet n’ Wild.

When I saw these shoes I nearly died. How sexy are these shoes? I need….

Hello Kitty

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If I still had a cat I would totally buy this. There is sooo nothing wrong with Hello Kitty to me. I love that MAC did a HK collection and an FIT student designed a beautiful HK corset top that went up for auction this week. I don’t think that the HK craze will ever die down and I am happy about that 🙂

Dirty Dancing

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Tonight I am going to see Dirty Dancing at the Boston Opera House. I have never seen the entire movie, but the musical has gotten rave reviews and I am excited to go out with the ladies in the family.

Madewell for Shopbop

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Gotta love a good team effort. Madewell, one of my favorite little shops, has teamed up to do a line of denim with Shop Bop.

The pieces are very cute as far as I can see. I only wish that they would have a larger collection that included all of the tops and jackets that they showed in the look book. Although, they are opening a new location on Newbury Street so that I won’t have to go to Natick every time I want to pick up a cute top or pant.
Job Well Done!

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