Crazy Kids

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I just read an article on Fab Sugar about how the demographic of people going to beauty salons is getting younger and younger each year. Part of the report even said that eight year old girls were getting bikini waxes (though I’m not sure why). This report only confirmed what I had been thinking last week when I was getting a manicure. 

I got my first manicure when I was in the 8th grade. I thought that I was the coolest girl in school because at the time nobody else got them. It wasn’t a regular occurance. I was only allowed  to have the treatment done on special occasions or as a real treat. Maybe this is why I thought it was bizarre when a woman walked into the salon last week with her two girls and asked if they could be fit in for manis.
 The girls could not have been more than 10 years old. They just needed a “polish change” as their mother put it (which would also suggest that they are regulars). I quickly got distracted and moved over to the dryer. The girls finished up and proceeded to sit next to me and discuss this weeks  episode of Grey’s Anatomy. I could not believe my ears. 
Is it that I am getting progressively more old-fashioned as I get older? I just don’t see the point of rushing through your young years. When I was their age, I was playing out in my back yard and getting my hair cut once a year. So for them to be regulars at the salon is just insane to me. They are going to be grown ups some day and they are going to wonder where their childhood went. It’s so hard to be a young lady these days! 

North End

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Delicious dinner at Mother Anna’s, North End, Boston. Hole in the wall of a restaurant, but delicious Italian comfort food. Ofcourse, had to stop off at Mike’s Pastry (as annoying as it is to wait in line)  to grab a pine nut cookie and a chocolate dipped Florentine. 

Damn Denim

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Tragedy struck Friday evening as I was setting out for the perfect date night at the movies. I was really happy with my outfit and feeling pretty confident as I opened the door to get in to ET’s car. But as I sat down, I heard an all too familiar sound- riiiiiiiiiiiiiip. Turns out ET heard it too. “It couldn’t be that bad”, I muttered as the mental riot started in my head. 

As we drove away, I quickly took my mind off of my misfortune by blasting some of my favorite tunes on the radio. The real tunes were the music that I would be facing as I got out of the car. As we walked into the theatre, I asked ET to kindly walk behind me to check out the damage. His mumbled reply (not far from his usual mumblings) suggested that I was probably breaking some sort of obscenity law in another country.
 As we got closer to the doorway, I did the ol’ glass as mirror move and had a look at the large rip. It spanned from my inner thigh all the way under the back pocket. Horrified, I requested that ET walk behind me for the rest of the evening.
Although I will not say where I purchased the jeans, I will say that I will never go there again. I had only purchased them a mere 3 months ago. I can’t say that I spent too much on them, but I expected some level of quality. 
Too bad I chucked my reciept! 
Now the major pain is going to find a new pair. Any suggestions on where I can find a great pair of slim leg dark jeans ?? 
xx mg

Annie Hall

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Annie Hall is one of my favorite movies. I watched it this weekend and was reminded of how influential her style has been in the past 20 something years. The loose, relaxed fit is inadvertently sexy. Alvie Singer’s style can’t be ignored either. He is a little more uptight, but his fitted plaids and khakis are timeless and adorable ( & how could you not love his glasses ?) 

Put On Your Red Shoes & Dance The Blues

March 27, 2009 § 1 Comment

Found this on Drip Book. 
By Artist Oliver Lake
I want. 

Weekend Warriors

March 27, 2009 § 1 Comment

If you live in or around Boston and you need to fill in your less than impressive social calendar—- do not fear! I’m here to fill you in. 

1. White Party @ Wet Bar on State Street (guaranteed to be hot ! ) Starts 7 pm (3/28)
2. Betsey Johnson Fashion Show @ Estate Starts 9 pm  (4/1)

3. WINESDAYS @ MFA (every Weds.) Starts @ 5:30 pm for the after work crew (4/1)
4. 3rd Annual “What’s in the Bag” Event to benefit homeless families living in the Boston area. @ the Taj Hotel    visit (4/1)

There are a TON more events but those are a few that I will hopefully be attending! 


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