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I just want to thank everyone who has joined my blog recently. I know I’ve been slacking on adding posts, but you all keep coming back! 

Thanks Again!
PS- I found this photo of my mum and dad. It was taken as they were leaving for their honeymoon. Now I know what I love hats!

Easy Rider

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I’ve been told that this top makes me look pregnant, but I’m ok with it. It’s got a ruffled one shoulder, and I love it. 

I am terrible with self-photos. Shoot me!

Black Flag

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I bought this shirt. I love it. Only problem- it’s William Rast. As much as I’d love to put dollar bills in Justin Timberlake’s pocket, I don’t usually support artists/designers that I don’t like. I just really liked it, so I decided to buy it. 

Have you ever bought something by a designer that you don’t like? I guess we can’t be picky..

This Is England

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If you haven’t seen this movie, I suggest you go out and rent it or put it in your Netflix queue. Aside from being a really good story, the fashion in this movie is crazy! Each character has their own spin on 1980’s punk/skinhead. I especially loved Milky ( I think that was his name) and his cool, laid back ska style. His fedora was perfectly easy. And the other guys–acid washed jeans, Doc Martens… whoever did the costume on this set had it right. The girls in the movie– with their partially shaved heads,suspenders, and Ben Sherman shirts.. Parfait! 

This look is most def coming back in to mainstream as we speak!

Can You Tell A Difference?

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It could be that I am not partial to Jay Godfrey, but I can’t help but notice that his designs are seriously mediocre. The dress on the left is the JG dress that retails for something like $450. The dress on the right is from Express and retails for only $79. As far as quality goes, I’ve seen both dresses in person and I can’t say that I notice a huge difference. The fabric is different, sure, but I find the Express fabrication to be more conducive to summertime wearing. Also, we know that maxis are quite trendy. Who wants to spend a lot of money on something that they know they will eventually chuck?? Just saying..

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