Did Balmain see the future?

June 29, 2009 § Leave a comment

Seriously… could they have looked into the future with their current collection? A tribute to Michael Jackson…? 

Though I think that he was a confused and lost soul who dealt with the ugliest side of fame, I cannot and will steadfastly refuse to deny that he was an innovator and a great American talent. Thankfully his music will live on. 


Childhood Memories

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Question of the day: Are there certain cyclical fashion items that are coming back in style right now that evoke memories of childhood? The inevitable rise and fall of ‘leggings’  (though some may beg to differ that they are still in) always reminded me of my first white pair with lace around the ankle. 

I recently bought these white denim shorts and they are a constant reminder of my summers as a girl. 
I suspect that I will be living in them for the next few months if the weather permits!


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Ali Ro Summer ’09

We all know that women dress for other women. It’s not something to deny or be embarrassed about.  Take, for example, my night out the other night. I attended Harpoon Summer Session with a bunch of friends, mostly guys. As it was a beautiful outdoor event on a mild evening, a lot of girls had on their summer apparel. A friend of mine is standing and chatting with me and he looks over my shoulder and says “Is that girl wearing a ONE PIECE?” I look over to see the girl wearing an adorable romper. I don’t find that it was very flattering, but I admired the fact that she could pull it off. It got me thinking— are there some clothes that women wear that really only appeal to other women? 
Clearly in this case, the answer is yes. My best friend, who also happened to be there, looked over and quickly told him to shut up. She thought it was cute as well. This leads me to believe that rompers are one of those clothing items that only women can enjoy. 

Crop Top

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I am really in love with this trend ! Call me crazy…. but I think it’s a lot classier than it was circa 1980. I happened to be a child of the 80’s who lived for cropped tops. I won’t even get into my “Copacabana” phase —-complete with white high waisted shorts and a green off the shoulder crop top. I was pretty authentic back then.. Ahh to be 7 again!

Anyway.. I’ve noticed ASOS has a lot of cheap crop tops that would even be cute layered with a white tank underneath. I REALLY love Lindsay’s romantic floral. 
Ofcourse, I think that you have to have a flat belly to pull the bare-tummy look off. Be careful ladies!

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