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Kindred Spirits?

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I can’t help but notice that Jack White’s + 1 keeps popping up all over the place…. As a model, musician and general ‘it’ girl, Karen Elson really does have it all… I can’t help but wonder.. is her whimsically frizzy hair an homage to Ms. Coddington? While I do wish I could pull off red hair, I sort of suspect that the frizz on Grace is mostly due to lack of caring… whereas I’m almost positive that Karen’s style was carefully prepped. Either way.. it’s luscious and has me thinking Midsummer Nights Dream in a big way..

Bedroom Inspiration

June 28, 2010 § Leave a comment

Currently redesigning my bedroom… trying to find inspiration… I think I’d like to keep it neutral with pops of color like these gig posters on the walls. I’d like to keep it simple so that I can switch it up when I get bored….

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