Before And After

September 16, 2010 § Leave a comment

Sorry to trick you by the title.. Hopefully nobody thought that this post would be about some sort of make-over, make-under or general transformation of me or anyone else I know..

It’s more of a Wheel of Fortune reference, which I may regret when I hit “publish post”.. Oh well!
Tonight, I was listening to the Arctic Monkeys, which is where the chain of events started. Well, their frontman, Alex Turner dates Alexa Chung, which started me thinking of Alexa’s new collection for Madewell, which made me start thinking about polka dots..
Eventually I decided that I had to turn my computer back on and write this all down.
I know I’m not alone in thinking that Alexa is a really cool fashion icon and role model. Her collection , as expected, is mostly sold out. I couldn’t be happier for her success. I’ve noticed that polka dots are making a comeback, which I am verrrrrry pleased about. They are way more sophisticated now than during their stint with Minnie Mouse.. Hurray!
Rachel Comey knows what’s up.

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